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Early drop off/non camper day rentals: In the event that a rider chooses to return a unit during non-staffed hours you will have an option to deliver the unit to the fleet lockup location. At the fleet lockup location, there will be enough leads for each unit with a corresponding lock that will be under surveillance. Local renters/Hotel renters can lock up their rentals and resume their rental the next day during staffed hours if they are within their purchased rental time frame. Otherwise, the check-in process will be completed without the renter. Any damage found will be charged to the renter immediately & the renter will be informed of the charges.


Mud & Hill Climbing: The renter is responsible for all damages during the rental period & cleaning of the machine before check in. Mud holes & Hill Climbing are very unpredictable & are usually the cause for most damage. It is not recommended that renters engage in any activity that falls under the “Abusive Operation” definition that could leave the renter liable for damages.

Abusive Operation Definition: Any operation that endangers the machine, occupants, surrounding property, or safety of others. Also includes any operation that stresses the mechanical components of the unit due to improper use, maneuvering, or otherwise any operation of the unit that can be considered unreasonable or dangerous. 


Check in & Check out expectations: We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes early for your rental. This allows time to collect the hold amount, finish the waiver, & watch the on boarding video that covers the machine basics. In some situations, we may allow renters to leave up to 30 minutes prior to their original departure times if possible. 


Late Fee: Units must be returned no later than 15 minutes after their scheduled return time or a $50 fee will be charged to the renter. 


Children: There isn’t an age restriction rather a size requirement. Polaris requires that the child must safely sit completely in the seat, hands on the handlebar, and feet on the floor. They do not allow car seats or booster seats.


Helmets, Seat-belts, & Safety: Safety is key to having a great experience and we require that you ensure that every precaution in regards to safety is taken, including but not limited to seat-belts, helmet use, gloves, googles, & other protective equipment.


Cleaning Fee: Renters are expected to clean the rental before returning the unit. If the unit is not cleaned before returning, or is poorly cleaned, an excessive cleaning fee of $35


Refueling: Customers are expected to refuel before returning the rental. Failing to do so will be $4.00 a gallon plus a $15 refuel fee. *price per gallon is subject to change. 


Additional Occupants + Drivers: The licensed renter originally on the waiver will be responsible for all damages to the rental. It is not suggested to allow others to operate a vehicle that you are responsible for damages/mechanical issues.


Breakdown/Abandonment Fees: If a machine is damaged to the point that it becomes inoperable and it is not possible for the renter to return the rental lockup location, the renter can call Street Off-road Rentals for retrieval. The retrieval fee is $99 that must be paid at the time of retrieval. 


Mechanical Breakdown Policy: Depending on the availability and time of the notification of a mechanical breakdown, an investigation by Management will be conducted. The investigation will conclude in either “Renter at fault” or “Non-Renter fault”. Upon being notified of a mechanical breakdown, renters agree that upon purchasing the rental fee, they agree to accept & pay for damages to the rental or property associated with an investigation.

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